Tongrun International, LLC

Tongrun International is a custom manufacturer specializing in complex assemblies for commercial use. Services include sheet metal fabrication, extrusion and die cast production, injection molding, machining, and iron and ductile castings.

Renlita Custom Opening Solutions, LLCRenlita Custom Opening Solutions, LLC

Renlita is a US-based manufacturer of custom doors, windows and walls, both horizontally and vertically operable. Renlita products are used in retail, commercial and residential construction. 

TCI Trans Cable InternationalTCI Trans Cable International

TCI is an Internet cable manufacturer producing fiber optic cable for Internet service and low-voltage wiring used for a wide variety of needs including phone and landscape wiring.

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corporation

Wire & Plastic Machinery Corp is a global equipment supplier offering high quality solutions for wire, cable, and optical fiber manufacturing.