Young Adults - Teens (13 - 16) & Tweens (11 & 12)

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Crochet Club

First and Third Thursdays @ 4:00

Do you want to learn to make your own slippers, or make a cardigan to wear during the winter? Don't know where to start? Come up and learn the basics of crocheting, from simple stitches to reading patterns.

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Family Night

4th Monday @ 4:00

Pick a family-friendly movie in the conference room or games in the lobby.  We will have popcorn and drinks available.  

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Homeschool Hangout

Second Monday of the month @ 3:00 

Homeschool Hangout is a great time to connect with other Homeschool families.  Homeschool Hangout is at 3:00 pm on the 2nd Monday of the month.  Since homeschooling covers such a wide variety of ages we will have activities that are more geared toward their ability and interest levels.  

We also have a section dedicated just to our Homeschool Families in the back corner of the Library.  This section consists of materials and manipulatives for our families to use as needed.  New material is added frequently so make sure you are continually checking to see what we have.  



1st Monday - Teen Night @ 4:30

This is a time for students to come together and unwind a little bit with their peers.  Each month will have a planned activity, music, games, and snacks.  Students will be able to take part in the planned activity as well as play games, and video games and just hang out in a supervised and controlled area.

3rd Monday - Adulting 101 @ 5:00

Learn a little something that you won't learn in school. - How to change a tire. How to set up a budget. How to write a resume. How to fill out an application - school, job, apartment, etc.

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Video Game Design

Second and Fourth Thursdays @ 4:00

Work with Ms. Emily on designing and playing your very own video game.  Using the Bloxels design, create, design, and code your own game.  You can bring your own device or use one of ours.  But if you are into video games this is for you!