Project HELP

Project HELP stands for Health Emergency Life Plan.


The Bonham Police Department's intent is to partner with the community members that have been diagnosed with cognitive disorders and the caretakers responsible for their safety and well-being and to assist during emergencies and times of crisis. The goal is to work together to protect your loved ones.


Discovering you or a family member has been diagnosed with a cognitive disorder can cause immense stress. The Bonham Police Department hopes to alleviate some of that stress by implementing Project HELP. Our intent is to partner with the community members and their caretakers to assist during emergency situations. When a community member is enrolled in Project HELP and is reported as missing, in danger or in need of medical assistance, this valuable information will be used to provide first responders with an elevated level of understanding and care.


Those in our community with cognitive disorders are encouraged to complete the Project HELP application (PDF) with the help of a caretaker if necessary. In the event that a community member is unable to complete the application online or print the application at home (if they choose to do the paper form), they are encouraged to contact the Bonham Police Department Communications Center to have an application printed for them to pick up at their convenience. When the application has been completed, it should be returned to the Bonham Police Department's Communication Center: email it to the Communication Center, drop it off in person, or fax it to 903-583-2809. A current photograph of the applicant, including photograph(s) of any scars, distinguishing marks and/or tattoos, must be provided. If the community member is unable to provide photo(s), the Bonham Police Department personnel can assist by taking digital photographs when the application is submitted.

Complete Project Help Application Online

Additional Information

In the event that the community member was last seen outside the city limits, Bonham Police Department can share relevant information, including the photograph(s), with the law enforcement entity in that jurisdiction for the lawful purpose of protecting the community member.

If you need further assistance or have any questions, please contact the Bonham Police Department Communications Center at 903-583-2141.