Public Records Requests

The best way to access open records information is to put your request in writing. An agency can require a written request before being required to respond to the request or ask for a Texas Attorney's General opinion.

To submit a request, you may either download and fill out a Records Request Form (PDF) or simply provide the following information in writing:

  • Date
  • Address of Government Agency
  • State the request
  • Request the information in writing
  • Give your name, phone number, and mailing address
  • List as specifically as possible the information you are seeking

For open records requests for accidents and offense reports that happened in the City of Bonham, either mail your request or stop by in person at the following address:
Bonham Police Department
301 E 5th Street
Bonham, TX 75418-4002

You can also submit it via fax to 903-583-2809 or email it to the Bonham Police Department.

Open Records on Convicted Sex Offenders

If you are requesting information on convicted sex offenders living or working within a certain area, you must list the street name and block number.

Note: Be aware that convicted sex offenders did not have to register with authorities until the passing of the "Ashley" Laws. Any request made prior to September 1995, the year that the law went into effect, will not be accessible.

Note: Records request by arrested suspects will be referred to the District Attorney's Office.

Open records requests for the City of Bonham should be submitted in writing to:
Sean Pate, City Manager
City of Bonham
514 Chestnut Street
Bonham, TX 75418-3738


Processing costs are assessed by government agencies by law. The costs are dependent on the number of pages of the requested information and/or the number of personnel hours required to gather the requested information: this is on a per-incident basis.


The exceptions to the Open Records Act regarding law enforcement are as follows:

  • Social Security Numbers, etc.
  • Information regarding lawsuits
  • Certain law enforcement information. This exception protects some internal police department records and documents related to an ongoing investigation
  • Memos and letters sent within an agency or to another agency with suspect information or intelligence information for the use of law enforcement agencies
  • Home addresses and phone numbers of local government officials or employees
  • Photos of police officers