Public Works


The City of Bonham Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of our streets and drainage structures, water purchase and distribution facilities, and the wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure. This responsibility includes ensuring that our residents have access to safe, uninterrupted water and wastewater services. 

In addition to the maintenance of our existing infrastructure, we will proactively plan for new infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing community. Our goal is to earn the confidence and trust of the community by offering friendly and responsive customer service with a focus on delivering a quality finished product.

I need to....

 Request information regarding your utility bill please call 903-583-7555 or email 

Report a leak, wastewater stoppage, water pressure issues, fire hydrant leaking, or any hazardous condition regarding water or wastewater please call 903-583-7555  or email

Report Issues with Trash Collection call 903-583-7555  or email

Report missing or damaged street/traffic sign or request street maintenance by emailing Joe Howdeshell