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2022 Employees of the Quarter

The City of Bonham Employee of the 4th Quarter in 2022 is Lieutenant Jesse Garcia. Lt. Garcia has been employed with the Bonham Fire Department since September of 2007. Jesse started his career as a volunteer firefighter. Over the years, he has continuously impressed people with his work ethic, integrity for the job, and dedication to improving himself and those around him. You can always count on Lt. Garcia to be at work and ready to perform to the best of his abilities. Lt. Garcia is in charge of training our volunteer firefighters and tutoring new hires for their paramedic National Registry exam. 

Lt. Garcia is an excellent firefighter and paramedic who takes pride in himself, his family, and the Bonham Fire Department. He continuously goes above and beyond for the department, the City of Bonham, and citizens.


 Congratulations! Thank you for your service!

Past Employees of the Month

Recognizing City of Bonham Employees who have made substantial contributions to their departments, who have provided outstanding customer service to the citizens of Bonham, and/or who have otherwise contributed or performed in a manner that will reflect favorably on the individual, their department, and the City of Bonham. View a photo gallery of past employees of the month.

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