Employee of the Quarter

Shrum 1st Q 2023

2023 Employee of the 1st Quarter

The City of Bonham Employee of the Quarter for the 1st quarter of 2023 is Chad Shrum.  Chad is the Supervisor of Streets and has been with the City since March 2005.  A resident of West 6th Street contacted the City to pass along a commendation for Chad.  After one of the recent storms and power outages, the resident could not leave her house because a tree had fallen on her porch and across her driveway.  Chad went by to check on the resident several times that day and to see if she needed anything.  He also kept her updated about the progress of restoring electricity and removal of the downed tree.  She very much appreciated his concern and courtesy and found it very comforting.   Chad’s actions on that day and his dedication throughout the year is why he is the Employee of the 1st Quarter in 2023.


 Congratulations! Thank you for your service!

Past Employees of the Month

Recognizing City of Bonham Employees who have made substantial contributions to their departments, who have provided outstanding customer service to the citizens of Bonham, and/or who have otherwise contributed or performed in a manner that will reflect favorably on the individual, their department, and the City of Bonham. View a photo gallery of past employees of the quarter.

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