BEDCO Incentives

  • BEDCO offers a competitive package of incentives including cash grants, low-interest loans, workforce training aid, and assistance with infrastructure. Each project is analyzed according to to its capital investment and number/quality of jobs. In some cases we will have a third party perform an Impact Assessment to determine the potential of the project or development. Incentives are incorporated into a Performance Agreement.
  • All Performance Agreements must be ratified by the Bonham City Council.
  • Executive Director Gayle Cooper will be happy to meet with you regarding your second-stage or national project - commercial, office or  industrial.

City of Bonham Incentives

  • The City of Bonham may grant property tax abatements on a scheduled, percentage basis based on the value of the project to the city. These may also be matched by Fannin County should the project also be of benefit to the County.

State of Texas Incentives

  • The State of Texas aggressively pursues investment.  Several programs are available to ensure you will make Texas the home for your enterprise..  The full menu of state incentives is available through the Governor's Office of Economic Development and Tourism. (link)