Computer Knowledge

No time to come to a class? Try some of these online resources to jumpstart your computer knowledge:

  • Practice typing skills on TypingWeb (create a free account)
  • Practice using the mouse from the very beginning, more practice, and even more practice!
  • Play simple games while practicing with the mouse. Also, en español: ejercicios del ratón.
  • GCFLearnFree - Online tutorials on everything from computer basics to social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Choose to follow a 'Lesson', click through an 'Interactive', take a quiz in the 'Extras', or watch a 'Video'.
    For beginners, we recommend the following sequence:
    1. Computer Basics - Getting started with desktop and laptop computers.
    2. Email 101 - Introduction to email basics, etiquette and safety.
    3. Internet Safety - Avoid the most common threats and learn how to protect your data and privacy.
    4. Beyond Email - Chat, Skype, blogging and more.
    5. Excel Easy - Tutorial on how to use excel.
  • Microsoft Online Training for Office - Online tutorials for Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more. Choose the version for your computer and watch a video, work through a step-by-step tutorial, or build your skills.

Learning on your Phone? Use these apps to learn something new on the go!