Community Education

Station Tours 

Bonham Fire Department offers station tour to the public of our north and south fire stations.  During this tour you will be shown around the station, introduced to the firefighters on duty and take a tour of an engine and ambulance.  If you're lucky you might even get to see how a hose works.  

Rules of the Station

  • All station tours must be scheduled at least 3 days in advanced. 
  •  At least 1 adult to four children at all times.
  • If the station gets toned out to a fire then the tour will have to be rescheduled.  

Fire Extinguisher Training Class

Bonham Fire Department offers fire extinguisher training classes to community groups as a way to prepare them in case of a fire.   This is a one hour training class that is a non-certification course on how to extinguish a fire using a personal fire extinguisher.  The class will be held at your location or ours and will be taught by staff of the Bonham Fire Department.  You must provide the fire extinguishers for this class. Schools, civic groups, church's and businesses are eligible for this class . 

  • Classes are booked upon request, for groups of 10 - 20 people subject to availability of our staff. All requests must be submitted at least a month prior to desired date of training.  
  • We are able to book classes only in the mornings between 9 am to noon Monday through Friday.  No afternoons, evenings or weekends can be accommodated. 
  • All requests will be reviewed and the requester contacted about availability/scheduling within five business days.  Your training is not considered booked until you received a confirmation email from us.  We cannot guarantee accommodations of all requests.   

Community Events, Career Days, Fairs and School related events

We love getting to know our neighbors.  So the next time you have an event remember  to invite us. 

  • We can visit your daycare, apartment community event, BISD event or church related event for an 'outdoor' visit only.  All locations must be within the city limits of Bonham. 
  •  Our crews are 'in service' so an emergency response call may alter the arrival or departure time. 
  • You may request to have EMS, Fire, or EMS and Fire apparatus's at the event.  We will bring the units you request along with goodies for the kids.